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Debbie Schoeman

debbie-editorDebbie Schoeman is a freelance Proof-reader and Editor from Johannesburg, South Africa.  She has always had an avid interest in reading and devoured every novel her parents allowed her to read from a young age.  As a result she excelled at school in spelling and English.  Her love for reading and ability to quickly pick up grammatical and spelling errors, earned her the reputation of being an “attention to detail” kind of person.  She worked for Epson South Africa for 10 years and was responsible for proofreading all documents, letters, flyers and other advertising material before being sent out for printing.

While working in the Marketing Department of Epson, she studied a certificate in Marketing Management, where she was introduced to Business Language.  This has stood her in good stead for her Freelance work in Proofreading and Editing.



Cathy Buggs

cathyCathy Buggs is a retired IT Manager, who became disillusioned with the corporate world and took early retirement to embark on her third career; one designed to maximize her enjoyment of life.  She has been married for 37 years and lives in a quaint village in the Western Cape of South Africa with her husband, Alec, and a furry family.

She was born, raised and educated in Zimbabwe and gained her degree via correspondence.  Her love of books, reading and the written word was fostered at an early age by her mother, and to this day they remain at the core of her life.

She has written for several on-line websites and when not writing she loves traveling with her husband in their 4X4, and camping in wilderness areas.  When at home she indulges her love of arts and crafts, and her garden.

Eugene Chasia

eugene-chasiaEugene Chasia is a lead news writer of current events as well as technological progress. He has a passion for keeping his audience updated 24/7 in addition to advising young children on career choices. When Eugene is not busy writing at daytime, he is reading novels overnight. He is a dreamer, a teller of stories and a generator of ideas.






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